Narrowboat Crew Online: Find crew for your narrowboat, or work on a narrowboat Narrowboat Crew Online
For Narrowboat Owners who need crew & People who want to work as Narrowboat Crew.
Many people enjoy using narrowboats on our extensive network of inland waterways. Unfortunately we all get older and many people find it hard to find the time or energy to operate a narrowboat on their own.

For this reason, after many years living and working with narrowboats, I have set up this service to help people find trustworthy crew and, of course, help people who want to work on the canals to do so.

So, if you need crew for your narrowboat, barge or other canal vessel, please register as an owner with us and we will try to find the right staff for you.

Alternatively, if you want to join the crew of a narrowboat, why not register as crew and we will put you in touch with boat owners who need your skills.

Registration for owners is free, and for crew there is just a small charge. So, please take advantage of it, and register now. Registration provides access to available jobs and crew.