Narrowboat Crew Online: Find crew for your narrowboat, or work on a narrowboat Narrowboat Crew Online
For Narrowboat Owners who need crew & People who want to work as Narrowboat Crew.
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Hi . I completed my owners comprehensive details. And enquired about a request for crew for a journey in April to Stratford upon Avon. I had difficulty in sending it. As I had too many words. I tried to send again. But unsure if it arrived ontoday your website. Now it doesn't recognise my password. Rather than starting again. Are you able to confirm you have my updated 'cv' ? Thanks Andrew Painton.
how much is the joining fee have you any recent feedback
I have just finished moving a 70ft by 12ft barge down The Grand Union from Hemel Hempstead to Brentford and out onto the tidal Thames and thence up to Reading, arranged through Narrowboat Crew On Line. I am now looking for the chance to do more crewing, either wide or narrow beam. I am available for either short or long trips. Ian 07704 249 523
Apologies for the delay in updating on your website as we were away completing the final part of our boat move. Could you go ahead and delete our entry? What a great service you provide, we have made lifelong friends through using the website and will highly recommend. [Lesley - Owner looked for crew ]
I have recently returned from my third successful trip via the website and hope to do more. Would it be possible to know more about owners other than if they smoke or have dogs?? I understand crew profiles are more detailed for owners to read, so why not the other way round too eg Year of birth, size and type of boat, leisure boater or payment offered? Just a suggestion! Diana Hastings.
What a super find you were. Your email to members worked way beyond my expectations. 3 guys joined me in Preston Brook, and we departed about 10.40am on sat 14th. To cut a long story short , we arrived, (after 215.5. miles,127 locks and 5 tunnels), at Caversham bridge Reading at 10.45 on Sat 21st a total of 7 days and 5 min. This must be near a record of some sort, not that I would recommend that pace, but it was necessary. The crew I chose worked very hard from first light to dusk,we all got on well, they are a credit to your organization.
I am re-confirming my availability as crew. Dont know how ofetn I need to do this? I still havent had an approach; not sure why! Geoff Pring
As I think I mentioned at the time - early in 2012 - I was looking for a crew for one specific journey, and was very well served by your website. Currently my cruising is well covered by family or friends so I am happy to have my name removed from your website for the time being, but will willing sign up again if and when a similar situation crops up again. I think you are providing an excellent service. Kind regards. Andrew [Owner]
Please let us have your feedback. Thanks.